Fuck changing yourself
Jessica Semaan

Please stop the profanity.

I am coming across more and more articles on Medium and elsewhere in which an author seems to feel the need to put an F-bomb in the title and then distribute a liberal dose of profanity throughout. I have nothing against appropriate cursing, but when it’s unnecessary, it just betrays a lack of taste and refinement. You extol the virtues of being nakedly yourself, but maybe, when you’re in public, you should consider putting some clothes on. Come to think of it, maybe you ought to think of the fact that there’s a difference between pretending to be something you’re not, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, growing as a person by forcing yourself to confront and absorb the not-me, the vast body of great art, culture and knowledge that will, if you let it, transform you into a better, more educated and, hopefully, more refined person. Our culture inculcates enough complacency as it is, as I’ve previously discussed here: http://www.culturewars.org.uk/index.php/site/article/the_ascendancy_of_the_ass-backwards_masses_and_how_we_can_still_turn_it_aro/. There is also a big difference between the kinds of superficial self-help-industry-fueled changes, tweaks and “bio-hacks” that you’ve described trying and the kind of deep, transformative immersion in high culture that I’m talking about. The latter, believe it or not, is a lot more satisfying than just being yourself.

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