What harm has the lady done you?
I can’t get on board with calling for bans by management based on some principle, however…
Ron Collins

She’s done absolutely no harm to me personally, and I have no need to cower in fear of her by blocking her. I can easily ignore her if I need to.

The reason I’m calling for action by Medium’s management is not because I’m personally being hurt by her but because she’s using their platform to advocate actual violence against law enforcement, which is not quite the equivalent of shouting FIRE! in a crowded theater, but it goes in that same direction. I believe in the freedom of speech, but Medium is a private company, not the public square. They can make their own rules, and it’s common for such platforms not to allow various kinds of behaviors that cross the line. They have no obligation to tolerate race-bullies like her encouraging others to attack police. Personally, if I were operating Medium, I’d also have a strict “no profanity” policy in order to keep discussions more civil and avoid encouraging this kind of junior-high-school level free-for-all, but that’s just me.