I love this, and for several reasons:
Ron Collins

Thank-you. Glad you enjoyed the article. I’ve always made a deliberate and proud habit of defying the advice of writing guides that counsel the writer, in essence, to keep it simple/stupid. Sometimes sentences need to be simple, declarative statements, and sometimes they don’t. It really all depends on the content you’re trying to convey and finding the best form for that content. There’s a widespread trend now to write sentences like this: Believe. Me. It. Matters! I see it on Medium and elsewhere all the time. It’s as if these people (or their assumed readership) can’t balance more than a one-word thought in their head, so they need to pause on each word to emphasize it. I have more faith in the ability of people to understand complexity. Long sentences are balancing acts, and if they’re badly constructed, they can certainly lose the reader, but if they’re well constructed, they can convey complex thoughts and have readers carried along breathlessly to the end.

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