P.S. If you need a suggestion, I highly recommend Traditional Tradesman.
Joshua Sanders

Thanks for the endorsement. Very kind of you.

Lack of ideological diversity is generally a huge problem on Medium, and it’s particularly a problem with the Editors' Picks. It’s like they’re not even trying to create the APPEARANCE of balance, much less the REALITY. I’m sure I must’ve missed one or two along the way, but I honestly can’t recall seeing a single recommendation from them that could be characterized as “conservative” or even anything other than mainstream regressive left. Still more appalling is the fact that most of the political pieces they do recommend are just first-person rants that go something like, “I’m fucking pissed off about all this shit, and you should be too, yo.” It’s like they’re contributing to the general dumbness of our political dialogue instead of elevating it. I have every confidence that if I were writing things from a regressive left perspective instead of my own independent, idiosyncratic perspective, I’d probably have thousands of followers. Oh well.

What I’ve also found is that they’re completely unresponsive to criticism of any sort. When I’ve contacted them about silly policies or anything of that sort, they’ve had this one guy, Gerald, who seems to be the sum-total of their “support” staff, and he’s pretty awful, like dealing with a dim-witted corporate technocrat who hasn’t even mastered the niceties of interacting with human beings in a manner that doesn’t make them feel completely devalued.

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