I appreciate your thoughts on political groupthink relative to Medium content.
Jack Gerard

Thanks for your helpful response, Mr. Gerard. I’m glad that the issue of political bias is one Medium takes seriously, and if Medium approaches this criminal justice reform discussion in an unbiased way, I, of course, don’t have much of a problem with it. I would say this as a word of caution, however: there are certain issues that the left cares more about and certain issues that the right cares more about. Criminal justice reform is, by its nature, an issue that has a left-of-center orientation to it (because people on the right often think there is no need for such reform) and has been put on the table again recently by prominent left-leaning writers such as Ta-Nehisi Coates. If you were, on the other hand, to try to host a discussion on an issue such as “illegal immigration,” this would be seen as a right-of-center issue. The way the issue is phrased matters as well, since including the word “reform” in the name of the discussion already orients it in a certain direction. (To be clear, I actually believe that most recreational drug use, prostitution and many other “crimes” of this nature ought to be completely decriminalized so that you take the dangerous criminal enterprises now profiting off of such activities out of the equation and, instead, have these activities subject to regulation to ensure greater safety for all involved, not to mention tax revenue for the government. So I’d probably be on board with at least some of the “criminal justice reform” measures being proposed, but, on the other hand, as a long-time resident of New York City, I do believe in measures such as broken windows policing and see the enormous impact it has had on making the city as safer place for everyone, and particularly, in the neighborhoods where vulnerable minorities live.) In any event, again, I’m glad you’re aware of the concern about political bias and hope you’ll do your best to ensure that Medium continues to be a great platform for authors of all races, classes, genders and political persuasions.

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