Neither did he.
Alexander E Jones

The difference between “listen to us, or we’ll riot” and “listen to us, or there will likely be riots” [by us] is pretty much semantic, don’t you think?

You wrote: “[H]ave you considered, perhaps, that the main reason conversations that lead to mutual respect and understanding has been hard to come by because white society has a hard time knowing (or caring) when to shut up and listen?”

What exactly is “white society”? Does it consist of people who all think alike and respond to everything in the same way? Sounds like a silly generalization to me. No one, not “white society” (whatever that means) and not “black society” (whatever that means) will just “shut up and listen” unless there’s respectful communication going on. If people, black or white, face aggression, they’re going to react defensively, which usually means more aggression. That’s just human nature.

As long as everyone is approaching the conversation with basic ground rules, such as respect, no profanity and insults, etc., I don’t want to shut anyone up, and I don’t want them to shut me up either.

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