This is Not My Republican Party
Steve Skeldon

The (Republican) Party Is Over …,

… and the (Democratic) Party Is Over …,

… and the (Establishment) Party Is Over …,

… and, Frankly, that Might Not Be So Bad.

by Alexander Zubatov

(This is a response to Steve Skeldon’s “This Is Not My Republican Party (An Open Letter to America)”, but it is, in its way, its own open letter to an America very different from the one imagined by the two-party establishment.)

I’m sorry, Mr. Skeldon, but the mainstream Republican Party that you champion, like the mainstream Democratic Party of Corporate Clinton, is a corrupted institution deep in the pockets of big donors, lobbyists and moneyed interests of all sorts. These two parties are the reason we have corpitalism and plutocracy instead of capitalism and democracy in this country. They — with their ties to jihadist-supporting Saudi royalty and climate-change-denying big oil and their regular and interchangeable lineup of tough-talking war mongers such as Rubio, McCain, the Bushes, the Clintons and the rest — are the reason we keep getting entangled in idiotic, quixotic and costly nation-building projects, as we fight perpetual wars that create ten terrorists for every one we stamp out. They, with their financial entanglements on Wall Street, are the reason we have to put up with a parasitic too-big-to-fail banking oligopoly that enriches itself off of speculation, causes financial crises and then gets bailed out by taxpayers, with hardly any of those responsible for the crisis actually paying the price for their misdeeds. They, with their ties to the American Bar Association, the medical establishment and Big Pharma, are the reason we have the most costly and inefficient health care system in the world, with prices driven up by unnecessary procedures performed out of fear of malpractice suits, predatory health insurance companies looking for every possible way to short-change and hoodwink those they purport to insure and consumers being further bilked into paying exorbitant prices for over-prescribed, dependency-creating pharmaceuticals with laundry lists of side effects that fuel further and further rounds of prescriptions and profits. They, with their ties to Big Food and Big Agri, are the reason we have an epidemic of diabesity, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, autism and all the rest, with staple crops liberally sprayed with toxic pesticides such as Roundup, banned in many nations and acknowledged as a probable carcinogen by the WHO (, and industry-funded “research” and disinformation campaigns to counter sane information about diet and natural cures, coupled with initiatives meant to deprive people of the most basic knowledge necessary to make informed food purchasing choices (see, e.g.,, with the end-result being that consumers are cajoled to ingest processed garbage that sends them straight into the open arms of Big Pharma. They, with their identity politics and race-baiting campaigns supported by the sensationalizing mainstream media, are the reason we are sold a repeatedly empirically discredited (see, e.g., & narrative of an epidemic of police brutality against blacks, spurring on black rage and alienation and dividing and polarizing the white and black poor and working-classes, with poor and working-class blacks voting en masse against their economic interests for the pandering Corporate Clinton while repeatedly antagonized poor and working-class whites who should have constituted the base for a more progressive Democratic Party instead likewise voting against their economic interests and fleeing to the Republican Party, ensuring gridlock and dooming any possibility of real change.

This is your Republican Party, and it’s your Democratic Party as well. There was just one thing you guys weren’t counting on: people are getting fed up your system. They’re getting tired of America being the world’s policeman while people are struggling at home, of endless wars that drive anti-American sentiment, create more terrorism and more wars, of trade deals that enrich multi-national corporations while taking away people’s livelihoods, of — and here it might be much easier to be politically correct, but it’s far better to be honest — an unchecked flood of undocumented, uneducated, low-skilled immigrants lining up at the feeding trough, dumbing down and destabilizing the country in an age when low-skilled jobs are being industrialized out of existence and of an onslaught of dystopian political correctness that puts uncouth, belligerent and coddled students in charge of universities, demonizes ordinary people and gives us a president who, faced with frightening terror attacks in Paris or San Bernardino, cannot so much as bring himself to utter the words “Islamic terrorism” and seems more focused on protecting the delicate feelings of easily offended terrorists than with reassuring justifiably concerned Americans. They’re getting tired, as I have described at length here:, of being bullied and silenced in their own backyard, branded historical oppressors and told about their “white privilege,” even as they struggle with rising suicide rates and declining health outcomes. They’re getting tired of facing open and hostile racism being directed at them, with the full support of the mainstream establishment, and then being told that anti-white racism doesn’t exist because racism now, apparently, requires prejudice plus power, and they’re supposedly the ones with all the power, even if it really doesn’t feel like it (I thoroughly rebut the absurd notion that racism = prejudice + power here:

You can keep dismissing these concerns. You can keep discounting these people as retrograde, pickup-truck-driving, Confederate-Flag waving redneck racists. You can keep up your snug embrace of the corporate oligopolies interested in nothing more than their own bottom lines. You can keep defending the status quo and the Republican and Democratic establishments. But all of that corruption, denial and dismissal comes at a price, and the price is that eventually, the people will rise up against your establishment, and whether that comes in the form of Trump on the populist center-right or Sanders on the progressive left, or some other charismatic figure anywhere on the political spectrum that may come along the next time ‘round, the establishment and its anti-democratic, pocket-lining policies will go down in flames. If you keep on keepin’ on, it will be just a matter of time. And the only question is how big and all-consuming the eventual but inevitable conflagration will be and whether you’ll be one of those sparking the flames or one of those in the ash-pile left behind in their wake.

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Alexander Zubatov is a practicing attorney specializing in general commercial litigation. He is also a practicing writer specializing in general non-commercial poetry, fiction, drama, essays and polemics. In the words of one of his intellectual heroes, José Ortega y Gasset, biography is “a system in which the contradictions of a human life are unified.”

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