You make good points but the failed “War on Drugs” and the way black communities are policed…
Brian Kern

When you talk about the need to fight poverty in order to address implicit bias and the general plight of black Americans, I agree with you 100%, and I’ve been saying the exact same thing in one Medium article after another.

What I’ve also been saying, however, is that as long as we focus on race rather than class, we’re going to create a situation that pits the black poor against the white poor, and the result will be political polarization (blacks flock to Democratic Party, whites to Republican Party), gridlock, and nothing of substance getting done. Thus, the activists for black equality who are focusing on race right now are actually shooting themselves in the foot, needlessly antagonizing poor and working-class white Americans who are themselves struggling, leading to the rise of white identity politics and white nationalism and bringing about a needless rise in racial acrimony without any real change in a positive direction.

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