I’m following too many white dudes on Medium
Declan Wilson

Who cares what race or gender the people you’re following are? Are you really that superficial? (And, by the way, the title of your article is pretty racist, which you’d see immediately if you simply substituted “black” for “white.”) While I admire your desire to diversify your reading experience, the real diversity problem on Medium is not that there are too many white people or men. The real problem here is that there is not enough viewpoint diversity. Too many of the writers here, whether black, white, male, female or anything else, have pretty much the same views, which are generally supportive of superficial identity politics and other causes associated with the regressive left. So if you really want to diversify your experience, you need to get beyond the skin-deep level, stop worrying about what people look like, what gender they are or how much melanin they have, and start trying to look for true viewpoint diversity, which means finding writers who represent the right and the progressive left rather than regressive left. (If you don’t understand what I mean in distinguishing the progressive left from the regressive left, I go into that here: https://medium.com/@Zoobahtov/a-brief-note-on-the-piggishness-of-identity-politics-a05c99c58f81#.n3krgbv3p) Good luck.

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