Thanks, Traditional Tradesman, you accurately summarized my work.
David Shuey

Wow, David, you’re really the single most impressive analyst of this kind of data that I’ve come across. I honestly wish I had access to some forum where I could get your work the notice it deserves, and if I ever get to that point, you can be sure this will be a priority of mine if this issue is still out there. (You may also be interested in this article from Heather Mac Donald that came out yesterday: In the meantime, since I often find myself having to debate these people who keep mindlessly stating that there’s some racist epidemic of cops killing blacks going on, could you let me know which of your posts on this issue would be the best one for me to refer them to as a starting point? Thanks … and do keep up the excellent work. I, for one, appreciate it enormously, because while I’m no idiot with numbers, my main skill is writing, and there’s no way I’d be able to pull together and analyze all the wealth of data you’ve been able to gather.

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