Yeah, god forbid a black woman tell you how she really feels.
Bethany Edwards

“Yeah, god forbid a black woman tell you how she really feels.”

If she wants to express how she really feels, she needs to find a psychotherapist or a sympathetic girlfriend who’s a good listener. This is a public forum. She’s spewing hateful racist vitriol that lumps all white people together and makes angry and ignorant statements about them. I’m not one of those special snowflakes who’s going to demand that this be taken down by Medium — though it surely would be taken down by Medium if it were written, in the same hateful spirit, by a white man telling us how he “really feels” — but it’s inappropriate and deserves to be called out for what it is, which is what I did. You say that its tone, though “a bit rant-y” is “a pretty normal tone for a think piece,” and if you’re right about that, I see that as more of a sad comment on the state of what passes for “a think piece” today. This wasn’t a think piece. It was hate speech. If you think that “white led anti racism groups do actual harm to people’s lives” (a view I’d disagree with because I don’t think white-led groups are any more unitary in their impact than black-led groups, and each group is different and should be treated differently rather than being lumped together and pre-judged on the basis of race), you’re welcome to explain that view in a logical and thoughtful manner, but telling us things like “there’s nothing more disappointing or dangerous than a room full of white people,” as her article did, should not pass muster as acceptable civil dialogue in a civilized society.