How come the words of the POTUS, whose duty it is to speak on behalf of all ‘Murikins, always seem…
Mateo D

Yeah, I agree that’s a problem. Trump keeps putting his foot in his mouth in the way he says things. But the reality is that if the media were even a quarter as charitable to him as it was to Obama, we wouldn’t be scrutinizing and critiquing his every word in the way we do.

Notice, for instance, that when instances of events showing racial acrimony happen under Trump’s watch, he’s blamed for empowering white supremacists or whatever, but what we forget is that the whole spate of recent racial turmoil started on Obama’s watch, with Ferguson and all the incidents that followed creating a buzz of publicity-seeking protesters bolstered by media hoopla around a repeatedly empirically discredited “epidemic” of police killings of unarmed blacks. Obama not only did not do anything to stop the rise of this racial turmoil but positively contributed to it by speaking out in support of #BlackLivesMatter and its false narrative. The direct result was a spate of publicly spouted, media-stoked anti-white hatred that ended up in cop killings, that prominent black hate-mongers such as Ta-Nehisi Coates proceeded to justify. Obama issued pro forma denunciations of these events, but he did not tackle the reality of the hateful rhetoric that was directly responsible for these events and for the dramatic uptick in racial acrimony, that is continuing on to the present day.

So, while I agree that Trump, contrary to his self-assessment, doesn’t “have the best words,” there’s a huge media-manipulated double standard that’s distorting our perceptions of the issue.

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