Dominique Matti

Yes, nuance is something that’s totally missing from our political discourse. It’s all “you’re either with us, or against us,” to quote one of our great modern masters of a total lack of nuance, George W. Bush. That with-us-or-against-us mentality is present both on the left and on the right, whether it be in the way many religious people see those who don’t share their faith, the way those in the abortion debate see the other side, the way many see immigrants as either all good or all bad, or the way so many of us feel the need to shill for either Clinton or Trump with such fervor that you’d think they’re battling the devil incarnate rather than just someone with very different political viewpoints.

The real problem is that this lack of nuance is fueled in many respects by the media itself, and it is tearing this country apart. By ignoring nuance and focusing on raw per capita numbers rather than more nuanced data, for instance, the media has sold us on an alleged epidemic of police killings of blacks that has divided and polarized this country and led to cop-killing (with support from racist and irresponsible black “intellectuals”) but that has been repeatedly shown not to exist by more careful examinations of the empirical evidence. Yet, because of implicit restrictions on what can be said in public, you won’t find this truth spoken anywhere outside the conservative media bubble, which is inherently suspect because it has its own interests in the matter.

Whether intentionally or otherwise, in other words, the media has taken to inventing the news rather than reporting it. Most recently, there’s been this massive media campaign to suggest Trump’s campaign is collapsing over this little non-event of his criticism of the Khan family. Of course, nothing is collapsing, and there’s not even any real evidence of internal dissension, but the media has created this story because it wants it to be true, and of course, the story then fuels further speculation, and then people read it and think, oh, I’d better get off this ship before it sinks.

The point is that we need to think for ourselves and push past the headlines and demand greater nuance in every aspect of our lives.