Finally, the so-called “identity politics” of POC is a direct response to the “identity politics”…

“ You can’t step on someones neck and expect them not to react.” That’s correct. And yet, that’s exactly what our society is doing to poor and working-class whites right now. They’re seen as the lowest of the low, and they’re reacting against it in the form of their support for Trump and their opposition to the cancer of political correctness.

If “people of color” (whatever that silly phrase means) were merely fighting racism the way they fought it during the Civil Rights Era, by opposing racism with race-blindness that aspired to treat all people based on who they are rather than what they are, I’d never call that racist. That would be anti-racist. But what’s going on right now is very different. Accusing people of having “white privilege” merely because they look white to you, especially when those people are poor and not at all privileged, is racist. Race-based preferences are racist (that’s institutional racism, in fact). Our society is rife with open anti-white racism right now. And, yes, white people are waking up and reacting to it. Some of them are reacting in racist ways, and some of them are reacting in non-racist ways, and I feel like it’s entirely right to differentiate the two types of reactions. If someone starts championing white nationalism or white supremacy or segregation, I’m going to condemn them, but if someone merely opposes race-based preferences or political correctness, I’m going to applaud them, just as I would applaud any black person who advocates in favor of a color-blind society that treats everyone equally.