I studied medicine in Ukraine, I had friend of mine who studied in Russia.
Ajairah M

You don’t get the irony of your own comments, do you?

You saw a bunch of racist Russians, so you assume all (or many) Russians are racist, and since I’m Russian, I’m racist. Don’t you get that this is precisely the same thought pattern as the following: we see a bunch of blacks who are criminals, so we assume all (or many) blacks are criminals, and then some uptight, brittle white woman calls the cops on some black person going into his own house because she assumes he’s a criminal breaking in. If you don’t like that second scenario (and no normal person does), then you ought to steer clear of the first scenario as well. You happen to be right about many Russians being racist. And guess what? Many other Eastern European people are racist as well. Many Chinese people and Korean people and Indians are racist too. A lot of Middle Eastern people are also racist. Okay. So what? That’s like saying that many black people are criminals. All of that is true, but we still have the obligation to try to be respectful and take individuals as they come. Judge them for WHO they are, not WHAT they are. If you don’t understand that, then you don’t get the first thing about racism, and then you calling me racist is not something I’m going to take seriously.