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You have lots of fancy graphics concealing a very simple methodological mistake. You are essentially using misleading statistics to deceive people.

Yes, young black men are disproportionately likely to be killed by police, but young black men are also disproportionately likely to be interacting with police in the first place. Because the emotions swirling around racial issues get the issue all confused for people, ponder this: if I told you young black men between the ages of 15–34 are much more likely to be killed by police than old black women between the ages of 80–100, would you claim that there’s age discrimination going on? No, you’d probably immediately realize that the disparity is obviously on account of the fact that old black women generally aren’t running around doing things that are going to get them involved in adversarial interactions with cops, whereas young black men are. So all you have to do is apply the same logic to the black-white issue. Because I’ve discussed the relevant evidence and statistics here, I won’t repeat myself and advise you to read that post to understand where you’re going wrong. The reality, as you’ll see, is that it’s been repeatedly shown that when you start comparing apples to apples, then there’s no evidence of any epidemic of killings of blacks by cops going on. And as you’ll also see, despite what you’ve suggested without actually looking at the underlying data, the argument is purely objective and numbers-based rather than just some “subjective” ranting on my part.

The Guardian (which you cite) and other publications of this sort are out to sell ad space and maximize their bottom lines; they’re not looking out for your best interests, and they’re not too worried about informing the public responsibly. The lesson for you and others is to read beyond the sensationalizing headlines, think a little bit more deeply about what you’re being told, and then do your part to stop spreading lies and misinformation that needlessly inflame racial tensions. I fully believe that police brutality in general is a problem, and I think body cams are a great idea, but the idea that there’s some big racial (or racist) angle to the killings of civilians by cops is entirely bogus.