What makes you think that immigration is a “destabilizing economic force”?
Alex Zito-Wolf

Your comments are purely misleading. I am in no way suggesting we stop immigration in general (and neither is Trump). I was speaking (quite clearly) only about illegal immigration. Illegal immigrants are disproportionately low-skilled and low-education, create a shadow economy and allow various business, such as restaurants, to hire workers off the books and pay below-minimum wage, while cutting into jobs that would otherwise go to citizens, such as African-Americans (there have been many studies suggesting that illegal immigration from Mexico hurts African-Americans the most). The article you linked to is not about illegal immigration, of course. I see no particular benefit to allowing in an unchecked flood of illegal immigrants and then bending over backwards to give them a path to citizenship. We need an immigration policy that’s smart, that admits people based on the expectation that they’ll contribute to our economy. I’m fine with a small percentage of immigrants being political refugees fleeing various forms of persecution in their nations of origin, but the bulk of our immigrants, like Canada’s or Switzerland’s, should be those expected to benefit our economy rather than become multi-generational bottom-feeders.

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