What Happened After I Tweeted “White Men Have It So Hard.”
Kevin Nguyen

Your Race-Baiting Is the Real Harassment

Dear Kevin Nguyen:

So you tweeted out an intentionally provocative and racist message that grouped all “white” men together, no matter their real experiences, socioeconomic status, life struggles, ethnic origins, etc. (there are “white” men who ACTUALLY have it hard, you know, or do you think all “white” men are Fortune 500 CEOs?), and then mocked them, suggesting their life is easy. Then you were surprised you got anger in response?? And then you wrote an article to whine about your plight, describing how horrible some of the responses were and labeling many of the respondents “aggressors” and “harassers,” so that, on top of stereotyping and mocking “white” men in your generalizing racist tweet, you decided to demonize them some more for their responses to it? Do you see any irony here?

If you don’t, don’t worry; you’re not alone. The articles, essays and screeds about how “white” people just don’t get it, how clueless they are, how privileged they are, how great they have it here, how oppressive they’ve been and continue to be, etc. just keep on coming, day after day. And then you and all these other provocateurs expect “white” people to read all this angry, race-baiting rhetoric, bow their heads in shame and say mea culpa, or, better yet, realize how awful they are and join you in marching and rioting in support of their own continued demonization? Get real.

Tweets like yours and articles like these make our race problems worse, not better. They divide people and sow mutual hatred and suspicion. If you want to heal our race issues rather than making them worse, it’s time to stop thinking of individuals in terms of these crude, overbroad racial categories that have been used, historically, largely as a means to spread prejudice and hatred, which is exactly what you’ve contributed to with your racist tweet and your inflammatory follow-up. I discuss in detail in this article (https://medium.com/@Zoobahtov/keep-your-stinkin-race-to-yourself-143d6ecf078d) why the science and stats actually favor a color-blind approach to healing our race issues, despite the current trends being in the opposite direction. I invite you to come on board. It’s a hard road, but then, many people have it hard, even some “white” people.

Best regards.

-A “White” Person

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