From “Storage Almost Full” to “Cannot Take Photo.” Now what?

Sep 26, 2018 · Unlisted

Everything’s packed, your schedule is in order, bills are paid. You’re ready for that trip of a lifetime.

You open your phone and start posing for that perfect selfie to send to everyone you know, just to show them how excited you really are.

Then it happens . . . After weeks of ignoring the “Storage Almost Full” message, there it is: “Cannot Take Photo.”

Dread sinks in.

How are you going to take that classic airport picture, the one with your passport and boarding pass in your hand? Better question: how will you prove to anyone later on that you’re a world traveler?

So you do one of the following:

1) Quickly scroll through your pictures, randomly deleting things.

2) Spend the next few hours in deep discussion with yourself, trying to decide which pictures you really don’t need anymore, only to make the wrong decision and instantly regret it.

3) Buy a new phone in what little time you have left.

At Zoolz, we want you to avoid these options altogether (especially number three).

That’s why we created BigMIND Home: a new, easy-to-use cloud backup service that gets rid of that feeling, one we know all too well, that with every picture we take and every video we shoot, we push our phone closer and closer to reaching capacity.

Say goodbye to this “storage is full” anxiety with BigMIND’s scheduled backup assistant, which sends your pictures, videos, files, and more to the cloud (and it’s automatic, so, just in case you forget, we’ve got you covered).

And regardless of your technology preference, BigMIND works on all devices, letting you free up space and continue creating new memories, knowing that your old memories are safely secured in the cloud.

But that’s not even the best part. As you begin exporting your pictures to the cloud in preparation for your big trip, BigMIND’s one-of-a-kind AI technology goes to work, smartly organizing, archiving, and filtering based on traits like faces, objects, places, colors, device type, and resolution. And when you get back home, quickly find all those pictures of you on the beach by doing a simple search for ‘beach,’ and see the power of BigMIND’s AI in action.

Got some extra time on your travels while you’re on your way to sightsee? Pass the time by watching your HD and 4K videos that you uploaded to the cloud, direct to any device, buffering and interruption free.

So relax. Go on that trip. Take as many pictures and videos as you want without worrying about getting that “Storage is Full” message.

Let BigMIND be your travel buddy and more, and you’ll be able to focus on what matters most: spending time creating memories with those you love.

Learn more about how BigMIND Home is reinventing the personal cloud here.

And just for checking us out, get 5 GB for free here.

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