Tidbits of Bliss

The inherent behavior of most mortal beings is that of sieving the best out of life. Why is it then that in such a routine of evolution, you will still find a people bound with utmost devotion to lifestyles as primitive as man himself? Travelling down the Pirs, you often get a chance to trespass the occlusion built by this question.

Travelling down these very Pirs, her envy poured in through slim puncture in the windshield. Stemming from a vivid image, of a nomad girl, amidst her flocks and some other tidbits of bliss.

A few months earlier the girls long journey had begun at the brink of the Babusar Sierra. Standing on an edge of the 10000 metre high margin, she took a last glance at the amaranthine vastness below. Her long walk in the clouds was begin from here, and as the Himalayas swayed below, she was to see the several metres above the sea, never knowing though, how many there were to be above herself.

The monsoon sated summer spurred her stallions down these heights. And when such a ride did her in, all she had to do was to collapse onto the flow of saffron cascades, wait for her herds to graze their tang and get drenched in sunrays for hours without a care of what her shadows defined.

Piercing the Deodars, her stroll ceaselessly paved way for the Indus. And within their alliance, only the gorge paused at intervals, taking just a dip in the rapids before splashing up to its crest.

The wandering ended at the crease of the Pir Panjals. When her envy poured through a slim puncture in the Chirs. Stemming from a vivid image of a girl driving down the Pirs, within her Willy and some other tidbits of bliss.

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