So Be It

Ever notice that sometimes when people ask for advice, or
complain in such a way that is basically soliciting advice,
they really don’t want advice?

I mean, d’uh, right?

And it’s a bit annoying, to be honest.

Because, you know, you spend time thinking of a way to help someone out
in whatever situation they’re in, sometimes going a
distance or researching various options, granted
“researching” = google +- wikipedia these days but still,
they don’t accept it or seemingly don’t even make the effort to try,
and it’s easy to tell, even over the internet,
and then you’re left kinda bummed, man…

That little part of our brain that releases dopamine when we “help a brother/sister” out
doesn’t fire and we feel as if we’ve failed.

Kinda sucks, don’t it?

This is a real fart we seem to have, where we attach so much of ourselves
to our actions and have these grand expectations of how
things “should” or are “supposed” to turn out
and then we get bummed if they don’t. It’s a real hang up, especially when we put so much
of ourselves into it. Whatever that it is.

And it kinda sucks, sometimes hurts.

But, it doesn’t have to….

As the adage goes
“You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink”

We can only show people what’s up, and if they choose to look down, well then so be it.

That’s the turn of events, that’s how things ended up being and that’s it.
There’s no use in griping about what should have happened or what was supposed to have happened because things
happened the way they happened and that’s the way they happened, if they were “supposed to”
have happened, or “should have” happened a different way then they would have happened as such.

But they didn’t. So that’s it.

At the end of the day, we know we’ve done our best.
Our version of best.
and that’s it.
And so be it.

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