The first 50 years of the 20th century is proof that Mormon prophets aren’t real prophets

I’m a history buff, I especially enjoy the history around the second world war. My grandfather was an airplane mechanic in that war which I think is cool, I like to talk about it. For this article, I want to make the argument that the events of the first 50 years of the 20th century is living proof that Mormonism is total bullshit. If you don’t know much about the Mormon church, they claim to be God’s one true religion. They are the ones that think they have that special inside track to get into heaven. One of the things that they think helps them make this claim is that they have had a string of living prophets that was started by Joseph Smith in the early 1800’s. Mormon’s believe that since Smith, they have had a string of true blue living prophet’s, seers and revelators. The same type of prophet that you find in the bible like Moses or John the revelator. Except that they fail to recognize the fact that not a single one of them has managed to accurately prophecy or predict a single event or calamity. Ever. The first 50 years of the 20th century proved to be a time in human history, more than any other, as a time when people would need a prophet to help predict the events and hardships to come. Let’s take a look at the history timeline so I can prove my point.

June 28th, 1914 — The Archduke of Austria is assassinated and this would set off a series of events, war is officially declared in August and the German army begins it’s invasion. World war one lasted close to 6 years. When it was over, Europe was a post war wasteland. It was referred to as “The great war” at the time as the world had never seen a war in which so many people were massacred. The great war cost millions of lives because it was the first war when human beings had mechanized infantry, automatic and semi-automatic guns. They cut each other down in astoundingly large numbers. Up until that time, it was the most significantly catastrophic event humankind had ever seen. When the great war started, a guy by the name of Joseph F. Smith was the Mormon prophet. Yes, he was a different Joseph Smith and the guy that was before him was a guy named Lorenzo Snow. Neither of these so called prophets saw the great war coming. The most significant event in human history blindsided Mormons just as much as anybody else. Nobody, including the Mormons had any idea the war would be so bad.

October 24th, 1929 — About nine years after the great war, the stock market crashed and 5 days later a day known in history known as ‘black Tuesday’ occurred; the entire stock market collapsed sending the United States into a complete economic collapse. The great depression left most people in the United States destitute. Money and jobs were scarce, people lived day to day for several years as the economy slowly recovered. At the time, a guy by the name of Heber J. Grant was the Mormon prophet. Did he successfully predict and prophecy the depression? Was he able to help Mormons prepare for this catastrophic event? Nope. Mormon’s were just as blind sided by the great depression as anybody else. My mother’s parents lived through the depression. They were the people that wouldn’t throw anything away, they literally repurposed everything because that’s how they learned to live for several years. A tradition that my mother would carry on. She is a borderline hoarder now because of how she was raised. But where was the Mormon prophet? Probably in his mansion because Mormon’s were undoubtedly still required to pay a 10 percent tithing during the depression. On this timeline, Mormon prophets are zero for two.

September 1939 — Hitler invaded Poland and the ball of world war 2 starts rolling and cannot be stopped. The events around world war 2 are fascinating, the aftermath and fallout of the great war undoubtedly set the world up for another massive war. Hitler would not back down while the rest of Europe wanted to avoid another war at all costs. This war would rival the first. It pulled a greater portion of the globe into the conflict because of the war in the pacific that the US waged against Japan. The US would finally end the conflict in the pacific and accept the Japanese surrender after dropping two atomic bombs on Japan. These two bombs were so incredibly devastating, they killed hundreds of thousands in an instant and the fallout killed thousands more. These bombs were the finger of God, they destroyed cities in ways that were described in the bible. The Mormon prophet at the time was the same guy, Heber J. Grant, who was the prophet when the great depression hit. Once again, he failed to predict world war 2 and the use of atomic weapons. Let’s not forget, of course, the mass genocidal acts carried by Adolf Hitler and his cronies against the Jews. Millions of Jews were massacred; the horrors of the holocaust are almost too horrific to be real. Old Heber missed that one too. Even if the guy was an actual prophet and he and God decided not to inform people of these events, what’s the fucking point of having one then? Strike three, you’re out.

In the aftermath of all these events, the world was able to enjoy a period of relative peace and stability. By the 1950’s the United States was enjoying prosperity and their “happy days.” By the 1960’s the Mormon church was full on endorsing and encouraging the members to get a year supply of food and goods for their entire family. This would go on for decades, into the 1980’s and 90’s. My parents were all in, our family was committed to storing enough food, water and goods to last an entire year for our entire family. Virtually every nook and cranny had water bottles stuffed in it and our basement was crammed with canned fruit and buckets full of wheat, oats and rice. Mormon’s, including my parents, believed that the Mormon prophet knew something and were forecasting a major event. But if we’re honest, telling people to be prepared after two major world wars and a major economic collapse is more of a big “no duh” than anything.

After comparing my family’s food storage experience with a few other younger Mormon’s I learned that they had the same thing going on. Their parents basically had a basement full of rotten food. The great calamity that they were supposedly predicting never happened. So I went online to ask other Ex-Mormon’s about this and while some of them reported that their food storage had come in handy when the family was struggling with employment and finances, most of them had the same frustration that I did and said the same thing. Their parents had a year supply of rotten food. Some said that their parents had sacrificed on retirement and college funds to store enough food for the family. Keep in mind that Mormons tend to have big families. I know Catholics take a lot of shit for having big families, Mormons are just as bad, if not worse. The baby boomer generation of Mormons dropped some huge families, getting a year supply of food for 9 people is a lot of food. What I found to be extremely interesting is that many people told stories of how their parents up and decided to move and the family was having to move thousands of pounds of rancid goods. Even though the food had all gone bad, their parents insisted on packing it with them which I find to be a fascinating parallel to the religion itself. Despite the fact that Mormonism is outdated, rotten, useless and will make you sick if you consume it, people still cling to it and pack it around it like the burden it is.

But as far as I’m concerned, the Mormon prophets completely missed the mark again. There was no major event or calamity predicted or prophesied, they were clearly anticipating major events based on the first fifty years of the 20th century and as far as I’m concerned, this is zero for four. But what bothers me is that I know how Mormons are. If one of these so called prophets took a shot in the dark and was somewhat on point, they would look it as though it was absolute proof while completely missing the opposite of the coin. The cognitive dissonance demonstrated by Mormons can be truly astounding but that’s what happens when you are brain washed by a cult. But here we are, quickly approaching 2017. World war one was being waged a hundred years ago and since that time, Mormon prophets have missed all the major events. They didn’t predict the cold war, they didn’t predict the collapse of communism, they didn’t predict the Vietnam war, the gulf wars or the events of 9/11.

Since Mormons balance many of their claims about being God’s only true religion on their claims of having real living prophets, I think that this is one factor that proves that the Mormon church is completely false. And with that I would like to bare my testimony that I know that the Mormon church is completely false, is based on lies and is an insidious cult. I know it’s so called prophets are just a bunch of rich, opinionated old men. In the name of cheese and rice, ramen.