An ‘A’ and a Bag of Candy

As an adjunct lecturer, I don’t get paid nearly anything at all, basically gas money. So, I feel like I’m basically volunteering my time. When students ask me to regrade papers because they turned them in late, or they complain about their grade to the full time faculty, I can hardly deal. I am graded on their reviews. Renewing my contract depends on their reviews. I just want to give everyone a bag of candy and an A, because that will probably generate good reviews, right? I cannot believe it is OKAY to give students lecture material, open note and open book tests and quizzes they can take multiple times. This is NOT learning; this is NOT teaching. This is teaching busywork. Why someone wants to pay $2000 a credit hour and not learn anything is beyond me. I feel like I should give them extra credit assignment in the form of Play-doh and Leggos who can build the best whatever, because that is the level of intelligence or reasoning I seem to have to teach at. Look and do. monkey see — monkey do. Match up the square to the square and the green to the green.

This is what is wrong with colleges and why if I had children I would not encourage them to go to college, unless to learn a trade, then go to college as an adult. They don’t learn anything because adjuncts, like me, who teach many of the courses in college have to deal with dumb crap like this. The most favorable teachers give open note open book exams with multiple tries, uh duh. And for the students who actually want to learn, forget it! Learn to google stuff — that is the next $75,000 degree.

Why not just simplify a degree into five minutes: You give me $75,000, you sit down, you answer ten really tough questions by googling online, take all the time you want, and I hand you a degree. That way, you save yourself four years.