The Green Party’s Troubling Stance on Sex Work
Emily Pothast

Emily, I think you demonstrated an example of how deeply self-chosen prostitution and sex trafficking are conflated linguistically, and how many people, like yourself, use language as a platform for thought. You clearly don’t understand how the term “sex work” could be construed as sex trafficking, and you don’t seem to understand that sex trafficking is a real thing. Alot of it lingers on the word “coercion” and how to identify and understand someone who has been coerced. Experts? You are sure who experts are on human sex trafficking? A quick google search should help you find that. Polaris project or National Human Trafficking Resource Center or if you bother to read a book on the subject, or talk to an academic or direct of a NGO in the field.

You obviously come from a place where sex work is considered “empowering” to feminists, which is great for you, but that is not the case for those who have been coerced and/or do prostitution due to drug addiction, fear of homelessness, etc. Maybe try to read up on what constitutes as sex trafficking versus prostitution, and apply “coercion” to both, it would be great to hear your viewpoint on that. As far as “sex work” goes, it is true, the term is too controversial by bridging conflated definitions to be useful.

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