So let’s not discuss progress if there is progress yet to be made?
Christine Akers

You clearly have missed the point. Liberal progress is nice and idealistic, but clearly you have no idea what exactly it means to illuminate the FIVE to SIX generation old idea of black versus white slaverly. Clearly, you were never taught to critically think and only to see everything as face value.

Here is a summary of the speech: ‘Blacks have come so far from the oppression and abuse of slavery in this country, Lets continue that. Hooray!’ BFD, you apparently have no ability to actually see that modern day slavery is actually slavery that exists today, but please continue to focus on slavery in the time of your great great great grandparents. You should try to live like them too, except minus the slavery. You’d probably learn real fast how hard it is to live, and resort to supporting slavery, as you probably do on a daily basis. Because you are American and can’t help it, but lets just sweep abuse, murder, rape — all parts of modern day slavery — under the veil of racism, and pretend real slavery no longer exists because the only slavery that ever existed was black versus white slavery. Go Mrs Obama for putting blinders on most Americans. Hooray!

Please don’t belittle me by saying “advice” and “taking it to heart”. YPOS.

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