PGS Spring 2017 Week 2 Day 1 Recap

This week of PGS kicks off with series between the super rookies from last week, Jengski Esports who are going up against veteran team and fan favorite Mineski. Following their match would be a team that struggled to gain their footing last week, Rebirth Gamer’s Hub versus another team who also struggled last week, Acclaim Empire X.

Jengski Esports vs Mineski: The Return of the Kings?

Last week, Jengski Esports made a statement when they defeated Rebirth Gamer’s Hub convincingly 2–0. However, their opponent this week is Mineski; a team that not only started their first week 2–0, but did so by dominating the defending champions Acclaim Empire X. Both teams have showcased aggressive play styles in their debut, so this series would probably be a bloody all out brawl.

Game 1

JSK got off to a good start quickly into the game because of their jungler Spe4r’s well-timed rotations on Graves. A skirmish in the bottom side of the map would see MSK fight and take some control back in the game because of a beautiful combo play by both Kaigu and Nickstah on Shen and Nocturne, respectively. Although these two players would continue to effectively combine Shen’s Stand United and Nocturne’s Paranoia to terrorize the JSK back line and start engages in MSK’s favor, there were instances where MSK would over-commit in some fights. JSK would use these moments to turn fights in their favor to keep the game evenly matched. Although JSK was able to sneak an uncontested baron, a perfectly timed engage by MSK would see them pick of two members of JSK to stop JSK’s momentum. The game would continue to swing in MSK’s favor when continued rotational and positional mistakes by JSK would allow MSK to secure the first inhibitor of the game. JSK would show that they still had some fight left in them after they took advantage of a reckless engage by MSK and aced them. A baron attempt by JSK would go bad as their entire team would get completely wiped and MSK would go on to take the first match.

Game 2

In contrast to the first game, it would be MSK who would start strong after Hamezz would get an early first blood after sniping AceStyle in the bottom lane. MSK’s lead would only continue to grow as both Hamezz and Exosen would amass a massive gold and item lead, thanks in part to on-point rotations by Nickstah’s Rek’Sai and timely Stand United’s by Kaigu’s Shen. Unlike his first three games where was arguably the best performer on JSK, he would struggle to make plays or apply pressure with Nidalee this game. This game would become all about Exosen as he would become legendary with a 10–0–3 standing and lead Mineski to a 10-thousand gold lead by the 20-minute mark of the game. After securing baron, MSK would go on to force their way into JSK’s base and close out the game with Exosen finishing with a 15–0–6 KDA.

Rebirth Gamer’s Hub vs Acclaim Empire X: Rotations and Objective Control

Rebirth Gamer’s Hub enters the second week with no wins after they fell victim to JSK last week. Acclaim Empire X on the other hand clearly struggled last week, and didn’t perform as well as you’d expect a defending champion to, as they weren’t able to secure any wins against Imperium Pro Team and only managed to split their series against Team Manila Eagles to enter this week with a 1–3 standing.

Game 1

This game would start in the favor of AEX, whose early aggression and rotations would pay off as both KarlCulated and Jenvi would give then a slight advantage over Toxic and Kinzonn. A five-man rotation by the entire RGH team near the top lane would swing the game in their favor as they take down four members of AEX and secure a rift herald to strike back against the empire. From there, the RGH train would only gain momentum powered by all the assassinations secured by both Toxic and Jajaa. They made good use of all the kills they were getting by making sure they’d secure objectives to widen their lead. By the time RGH secured baron buff, they’d become a mountain AEX couldn’t overcome as RGH systematically dismantled AEX’s base en-route to their first win this split.

Game 2

RGH entered this game with an unconventional line up as they opted to run jungle Camille along with support Vel’Koz. They would start the game ahead as the poke from both Caitlyn and Vel’Koz would bully Jenvi’s Twitch into a 10 cs deficit early on. AEX would even the scales because of well-timed rotations from Tamsu and KarlCulated in the bottom lane to help Jenvi regain his footing. While both teams were pretty much dead even in kills, AEX would be the team to maintain a superior gold advantage because of their superior tower control. A baron in the favor of RGH along with additional kills would then bring the gold advantage of AEX down to less than a thousand. RGH would continue to inch themselves closer to winning in part because Jenvi kept getting caught out of position on Twitch and because RGH was able to secure the middle inhibitor. While attempting a push in the bottom lane however, AEX was able to successfully initiate a team fight against RGH and take down three of their members to slow down RGH’s momentum. Continued reckless and overly aggressive play by RGH in trying to take objectives would backfire on them as AEX would take advantage of these opportunities to claw their way back into a lead. In the end, AEX’s scaling line was able to eventually farm up all of their core items. This would become enough of a power spike for AEX to break down RGH’s base and win the game to split the series 1–1.

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