PGS Spring 2017 Week 3 Day 1 Recap

Starting the third week of PGS is a showdown between two of the rookie teams that joined the PGS for the 2017 Spring Split, Jengski Esports and TNC Pro Team. Following up is a match up between Imperium Pro Team against Emperor Esports — A series that ended with surprising results.

Jengski Esports vs TNC Pro Team: New Blood Brawl

Since entering the PGS, both Jengski Esports and TNC Pro Team have shown that they have potential to be top tier teams. TNC Pro Team, after going 1–1 against Imperium Pro Team last week, have the better record going into their series against Jengski Esports. However, Jengski Esports was able to give Mineski a difficult time in their first game last week which shows that this team shouldn’t be underestimated.

Game 1

Early on in the game TNC Pro Team would go off to what was literally a speedy head start. While they opted to go for the bottom lane Ziggs like what they did during week 1, their line up revolved around Burst’s Hecarim getting speed boosted by Lando, Match, and Orthos. As soon as Lando got Kled’s Chaaaaaaaarge!!! ultimate up, he would roam the map with Burst to set up really devastating charges that terrorized JSK even while they were under their turrets. While JSK was able to fight back and eventually keep the score tight due to their team composition’s scaling, TNC was overall the team that rotated and controlled objectives better. A sudden tower dive and well-timed wombo combo by TNC while they were pushing mid would cause them to burst through JSK’s defenses and decisively take the win.

Game 2

JSK would get the jump on TNC during the early parts of this game as Spe4r’s Ivern repeatedly came from outta nowhere to help Whistle’s Maokai get an early lead against Lando. Darius’ lack of mobility left him easy prey to keep getting locked down and picked off by the twin tree towers. The genius of JSK’s draft only became more apparent once team fights started breaking out. Their multiple sources of crowd control and disengage would repeatedly make it virtually impossible for Lando to get close enough to become a threat. Not only that, but Ivern’s ability to create brush gave Caitlyn a power spike in team fights since it didn’t just provide additional cover for her and Ryze, but it also allowed Caitlyn to trigger head shots more frequently. This, along with Spotless’ phenomenal positioning and play with Ryze this game would let JSK win this game and split their series against TNC.

Imperium Pro Team vs Emperor Esports: The Emperor’s Upset

Seeing this match up on paper, many would expect Imperium Pro Team to crush the penguins of Emperor Esports under their heel. But looking at the statistics however, it can be said that Imperium Pro Team hasn’t been performing as well as you’d expect them to. They split their series against TNC Pro Team last week with JLC not performing on the level you’d normally expect him to. Emperor Esports on the other hand was able to slightly recover last week against their match versus Team Manila Eagles to secure their first win of the split. Beating Imperium Pro Team would be a sign that the penguins are the real deal.

Game 1

After getting bullied early on in the jungle by Kulit, Burn would get back on track in the game by focusing on setting up his bot lane. His efforts would be rewarded as he was able to help High’s Ziggs get off to a 3–0 start while Kulit spent more time farming his jungle in between setting up gank attempts. The game would be a low-kill farm fest until EMP attempted to take baron to shake things up. They would end up securing baron and the lives of two IPT members. The resulting baron power play would give EMP the pushing power to secure IPT’s middle and bottom inhibitors. EMP would also take advantage of the air drakes movement speed bonus to consistently out-rotate IPT when taking objectives. Their superior rotations and macro play this game would help EMP take down all three of IPT’s inhibitors en route to taking game one.

Game 2

Things would start out better for IPT as JLC would lead and dominate Mj in lane despite giving up first blood against him. However, a skirmish in the bottom lane would help Fade’s Ahri get fed as he was able to secure multiple kills start his rampage. Light wasn’t able to impact the game heavily on Twisted Fate as EMP would keep grouping up so that it would be riskier for him to pressure and pick off the penguins with Twisted Fate’s Destiny. The amount of pressure EMP generated from grouping up would be too much for IPT, as they’d be forced to respond to EMP’s rotations and they ended up not being able to play the split-push game that their team composition was designed for. After forcing IPT to group up to stop them, EMP would then keep crushing them in team fights as they had superior AoE disruption which would then help Fade, Mj, and High pick off IPT players one by one. Their much improved macro play this day would reward EMP, as they were able to accomplish beating IPT twice; convincingly too as they’d win with a 26–10 score in the second game.

That’s it for the recaps of the first day of week 3. What can you say about the performances of the teams today? Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts!

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