Lens Protocol is a decentralized social graph network that enables users to control and monetize their data. Create a profile on their platform or connect with dApps/social networks based on the Lens Protocol to boost your chances of getting the Lens Protocol airdrop.

Metamask, a well-known cryptocurrency wallet, has hinted towards an official token launch and airdrop. Utilize their in-built swap tool, the Metamask Bridge, contribute on Gitcoin, or use the Gnosis Safe wallet to maximize your chances of getting the Metamask airdrop.

Dbank is a multi-chain portfolio tracker that supports a number of Defi protocols but has no native token at the moment. Create a profile on Dbank’s site, link your Twitter and email, and utilize their platform on a daily basis to boost your chances of getting a future airdrop.



This is the Strategy

You are able to extend your ownership at any time; however, each NFT has a time limit that must be adhered to. Bullish? Buy ahead by three years.
Are you bearish? You have the option of selling your position or allowing it to lapse so it can be re-minted.You have complete control over all of the settings, and as a creator or admin, you can offer incentives to existing holders.



Modulator Blockchain

What is Monolithic Blockchain?

A blockchain that tries to operate all three of the main consensus mechanisms is said to be monolithic.

  • Consensus
  • Data availability
  • Execution

What is Modulator Blockchain?

the three aforementioned activities are broken up in modular blockchains rather than being completed all at once on L1.

Benefits of Modulator Blockchain

— Scaling without sacrificing security

— The blockchain’s total throughput rises as block capacity expands

Projects with Modulator Blockchain


$CELT Celestial

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Arco Protocol (ARCO) is Aptos and Sui’s first cross-chain decentralized, transparent, and non-custodial liquid assets lending protocol, in which users can engage as lenders or borrowers in segregated lending pools. ARCO’s goal is to create high-velocity markets for more typical crypto-asset loan services, while also enhancing overall capital efficiency across a broader spectrum of Aptos-based and Sui-based assets.

Participant on the Testnet and the Devnet