Over the years, the cost for data has got smaller, while the data volume continues to get bigger -This is clearly a good thing- The more the merrier, right?

However there’s a chance you’re consistently using the same subscription because you’re not aware that MTN, airtel, Glo, Etisalat- whatever you’re subscribed to, has more data plans that you might enjoy and could be missing out on.

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You could be subscribing for more data than you actually need, or you could be paying too much for a particular plan when there are better deals around. The best way to make a decision is by analyzing what exactly you spend your data on- Emails, videos, music, hotpot, social media apps, surfing the web etc. If you didn’t already know, there are 1000 kilobytes (KB) in a megabyte (MB) and 1000 MB in a gigabyte (GB), take a look at the Data Calculator to get an estimate of how much data you need.

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when you have that figured out, then you can make a choice with how much data can serve you and what plans you can subscribe for.

Daily Internet Data Bundle Plans and their Subscription Codes

For cheap internet browsing in Nigeria on GSM/WCDMA networks. The daily plans last for about 24 hours- whatever isn’t spent, is forfeited.

From the daily data chart, the only plans that have real offerings are are MTN and Airtel but considering the expenses, there are monthly plans that offer more data for the same price. We’ll share them here too.

Weekend Internet Data Bundle Plans and their Subscription Codes

Discounts make the world go round, to prove this, TGIF is even more worthwhile when you’re taking advantage of the offers MTN, Airtel, Etisalat & Glo! Some of these offers are available only on weekends, so if you haven’t exhausted your data the weekend before, there’s still time to . Now we know why TGIF exists, because the weekend is clearly the best time for amazing mobile network bonuses for phone calls and data purchases, as you have them below.

Weekly Internet Data Bundle Plans and their Subscription Codes

If you’re in need of a weekly bundle -7 day usage guaranteed, then one of these should work for you but you have to be sure it’s the best option for you. In the chart below, you’ll find that Airtel offers two types of weekly bundles- but the 750MB bundle for N500 is a 14-day plan as opposed to MTN’s 750MB for the same price.

1.5GB Monthly Internet Data Bundle Plans and their Subscription codes

The average internet user is sure to subscribe to any 1.5GB data plan. After all, they each offer a 30-day 24/7 internet access limited to 1.5GB data for N1,000. Currently two networks only Glo doesn’t offer the 1.5GB as a monthly option.

3GB and over, Monthly Internet Data Bundle Plans and their Subscription codes

The 3GB data plans, usually come in packages that appear to be more value for less money. In this category, Glo appears to be the cheapest bundle in the bunch for the same value.

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