Our fast growing usership has made the climb to a-million users, and it’s for our new users, who will keep our numbers going up, that we have made this how-to manual. An easy guide that can assist you in navigating zoto and applying its features effectively.

Welcome you to Zoto, made in Nigeria with love! To get started, continue reading and familiarize yourself with Zoto.

What is Zoto?

Zoto recharges all major networks, which currently means about 150 million active GSM users in Nigeria can benefit from using our app.

Our unique platform guarantees a recharge reward for most of the successful transactions you will make. Users can get as much as 50% back while recharging and the cashback can be used for future transactions. For convenience, users can save their bank card information or credit their Zoto wallet- both actions make all transactions after the first, twice as fast, in seconds to be exact.

More recently, we’ve included bill payment feature, so if you can believe it, there’s more to experience on the app.

Follow our step-by-step guide to start enjoying Zoto:

Zoto users can add money to their Wallets very easily.

Tap on the ‘Naira balance tab on the top right corner of the Zoto app home screen, then, enter the amount in the ‘’Add Money to Wallet’ box and proceed to pay using your bank card.

A recharge option is the first feature you noticed upon opening the Zoto app. Whether it’s your own phone number or another person’s.

Just type in the desired amount and proceed with your recharge. On Zoto, you always have two payment options- your bank card or your Zoto cash.

You can earn cashback by sharing your unique referral code with friends and family. Usually the bonuses range from 500- 1000 up to 20,000–50,000 cashback. Isn’t that exciting?! This feature is available on the ‘Account Tab’

If you miss any of the notifications and emails… You can check the ‘Offers’ tab for various active discount and bonuses to to make your recharge experience even more awesome!.

Now you have these at your finger-tips! Enjoy the best recharge experience Nigeria has to offer right here,! You’re welcome.