I have choose the technique of A contemporary building with an expressive massing thanks to the use of shadows and light。

Central Park is located directly opposite the UTS(University of Technology Sydney). The building was include residential and commercial.

For the commercial,there has a shopping mall in the building,People who live in Centre park that would be very convenient.

For the second picture I have use the camera techniques of low angle,that can directly show how many level of The mall has . As we see, there has a shape of glass in the top of the mall. The glass can bring light directly to the domestic environment and it also gives the plant which under the glass brought photosynthesis. And the plant can make the domestic environment be more colorful and full of life. So the third picture i have used the high angle and filter to highlight the plants.

Centre park was surrounding by a unique color glass. That can be more easy make the interior be lighting and save electricity to make the environment protection.

In the level one of the mall, there has an electronic screen that can make the two lift which next to the screen be unconsipcuous. That can does not affect the appearance and the lifts can also make the tenement to facilitate access to the shopping mall. Give a good advantage for sell the apartment.



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