Getting motivated and trying to remember to do a new behavior is the exact wrong way to go about it. If you’re a human, then your memory and your motivation will fail you!

A simple habit can change your life in 2017

Habits eh? Most of us are pretty good at picking up ‘bad’ ones (that last half-hour check of your phone before bed; the Friday drinks that always stretch well into Saturday) — but good ones — particularly those around fitness — can appear more difficult to create. It might seem like you need superhuman willpower, or the kind of self-control that doesn’t end up in a kebab shop at 3am on a Saturday morning. But that’s because you’re looking at habits in the wrong way.

Building a new habit shouldn’t be a huge and overwhelming ask of yourself. It’s too easy to see a shred or a transformation as a desirable quick-fix — one that invariably then falls to the side as the demands are just too great. You’ll lose interest, your motivation will wane, or you’ll just plain forget. Instead, good habits that last are about finding things you enjoy, and making it easy for yourself to make a change, with small, simple reminders peppered throughout your day.

Author James Clear’s written extensively on the subject of habits, and feels reminders are key to building good ones that stick:

Getting motivated and trying to remember to do a new behavior is the exact wrong way to go about it. If you’re a human, then your memory and your motivation will fail you… This is why the reminder is such a critical part of forming new habits. A good reminder does not rely on motivation and it doesn’t require you to remember to do your new habit.

He goes on to give three key elements for building habits.

  1. The reminder (the trigger that initiates the behavior)
  2. The routine (the behavior itself; the action you take)
  3. The reward (the benefit you gain from doing the behavior)

Receiving a positive reward means you’re more likely to repeat the behaviour, because you enjoy the experience of the reward. It’s why we created Zova as we did, with small, manageable exercise delivered to you, right when you need it most. And it’s why we added Zara — so you had a smart personal trainer on-hand to give reminders and help you build those habits. Together, Zova and Zara take care of the three elements of building a good habit:

  1. You get a notification from Zara, who reminds you that your score is getting a little low (This is the reminder)
  2. You go for a walk, run or do a quick 10-minute workout to increase it. (This is the routine)
  3. You build up your score and feel both a sense of achievement, and that post-exercise glow (This is the reward)

Zova Premium is where we really hone in on building those great habits that stick for life. It’s about setting your own personal goals and work towards them — again, using positive reward to build a habit. It’s also where you can access unlimited workouts — because finding the perfect workouts for you makes the habit enjoyable, repeatable and therefore manageable in the long-term. Lasting change is about small, pleasurable daily habits — and you can find it all at Zova.

For a limited time, we’re offering a lifetime 20% off all subscriptions to Zova Premium — as long as you use it, you’ll pay 20% less than the standard cost. That’s unlimited daily workouts, personalised training and goal-smashing — all for the price of a $7.99 US. We think 2017’s the year you get fit for life. We can’t wait to see you there 🎉