Fitness shouldn’t feel like failure, there’s a smarter option that can actually work.

How smart fitness can be your turning-point in 2017

We all know the post-holidays feeling. You ate too much, drank too much and the sofa became an extension of your body. You’re in a slump and ready to jump at the first quick-fix fitness solution that comes your way — then four weeks later you’re broken by a plan that was way too intense.

At Zova, we know fitness shouldn’t feel like failure — and we know there’s a better way. There’s a smarter option that actually works — that helps you build the kind of fitness habit that lasts a lifetime. Zova’s the smart way to get fit and stay fit for life — no more stopping and starting, and no more demoralising crash and burn. Just intelligent, realistic ways to monitor and boost your daily movement in a way that’ll make you feel great, for good. Here’s exactly how smart fitness can make 2017 the turning-point for you.

It’s personal

Just like everything else in life, one size most definitely doesn’t fit all. If something’s too difficult, too demanding or just too not-your-cup-of-tea, you won’t stick to it. That’s a fact, and it’s the reason we created Zara — a smart personal trainer who learns all about you and your life, before finding ways to help fitness fit into it for good. Whether you’re time-poor, motivation-poor or both, Zara knows exactly what to do to make exercise feel as effortless as possible. On top of that, Zara helps you identify the goals that matter to you — then works alongside you until you achieve them.

It’s convenient

Zova lets you walk, run, workout and stretch — all in one beautiful app. It monitors your activity, translates all that into a simple daily activity number (no more needing a science degree to understand your data), and gives you tips on how to move more. You can use Zova on your iPhone, Apple TV or Apple Watch, and bite-sized 10-minute workouts let you quickly boost your activity number whenever you have a spare moment. Say goodbye to making time for fitness — with Zova, it’s ready when you are.

It’s affordable

Thought you couldn’t afford a personal trainer? Think again. Zara’s on hand 24/7 to help you get fit and stay fit — for a fraction of the price of a traditional trainer. Sick of paying for expensive gym memberships that never get used? We hear you. Zova’s free for as long as you want it to be — and it’s only $9.99 US to access unlimited workouts and reach goals with Zova Premium.

For a very limited time, we’re offering 20% off all subscriptions to Zova Premium, for life. That means for as long as you use Zova Premium, you’ll pay 20% less than the standard cost. That’s unlimited daily workouts, personalised training and goal-smashing — all for the price of a $7.99 US. We think 2017’s the year you get fit for life. We can’t wait to see you over there.