You probably don’t move enough — and it’s killing you 🤔

Many of us are trapped in a negative cycle — we’re sitting too much, moving too little and not raising our heart rate often enough. As you’d expect, that doesn’t do good things for our health or our happiness — leading to a whole lot more sitting too much, moving too little and not raising our heart rate enough.

The cycle leaves us tired. Stressed. Unhappy. In the short term, it sucks. 😱 In the long term it’s more serious — we’re talking about increasing our chances of serious health problems like Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. It’s not that we don’t know exercise is good for us — we just don’t know how to make it work.

It doesn’t help that the available fitness products can be intimidating — they’re often unrealistic, expensive or extreme. Sometimes, they’re all three.🖕 What they do all have in common is that they don’t help build a simple, sustainable habit that fits into your daily life.

Two years ago today, we set out to help people break their negative cycle when we launched the first version of Zova. Since then we’ve helped almost a million people become healthier with short achievable workouts. We also won App Store Best of 2014 and 2015, and were awarded an Apple Design Award in 2016. Woot 🎉🙌🏻!

“For a glimpse of the future of television, grab a mat and join me for a Zova workout with the new Apple TV “. – Geoffrey Fowler, Wall Street Journal

Everything that happened after we first launched served to show us we were on exactly the right track. It got us even more obsessed with developing the kind of simple, manageable fitness that works for everybody, throughout their life. And so we decided to take things further 🚀

We decided it was time to draw a line in the sand for the fitness industry — to fundamentally change the way we all think about exercise, and apply that thinking in real, practical ways that improve every single area of our life. Better health. Less stress. More happiness. Better sex. More energy. And getting more done in the day — Every. Single. Day.

And so now, two years after we launched Zova, that vision has led us here — unveiling Zova 2.0 with a laser-sharp focus on fitness to feel great. And so, without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to…

Zara — your brand-new, smart personal trainer 🎉👏

Zara knows your preferences, your goals and your fitness level, and recommends the perfect in-app walks, runs, workouts and stretches.
Zara tracks, records and evaluates all your activity (including steps, standing hours and other exercise), so you can easily see both the quantity and — more importantly — the quality of your daily movement.
Zara’s smart enough to hone in on what really matters to you — uniquely tailoring your workout suggestions within Zova Premium.

But wait — there’s more…

It’s not just Zara that’s here to change the way things are done. We’ve worked long and hard on other features that make fitness a pain-free part of your everyday life, including:

  • The ability to use Siri to start a workout, run, walk or stretch
  • A new library of focused 10-minute workouts
  • All your activity history in a full timeline
  • A brand-new way to favourite workouts
  • Playful user profiles that you can personalize
  • A brand-new Apple Watch experience

A bright future

At Zova, we’re excited by what’s ahead. We believe our next phase empowers people to take control of their health and their happiness in a way that’ll have a real, long-term impact on their world. We believe it’ll make a tangible difference to every area of people’s lives. And more than anything, we believe in fitness to feel great. We’re here to help you feel great too.

James, Niall, Chelcie, Andrew, Helen, Chris, Dave, Emily, Johanna

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