Best Destinations in India for Jewellery Shopping

A big occasion coming up? Whether it is a wedding in the family or your anniversary, you must be planning to get yourself and your loved ones some good jewellery for the big day. Nothing is better than a lovely pair of diamond earrings or a stunning necklace! So, have you considered where to shop? If you live in one of the leading metros in the country, you don’t have to worry. There are world-class diamond jewellers in Delhi, the national capital. If you happen to be living in or near the country’s financial capital, you wouldn’t worry either. There are top notch diamond jewellers in Mumbai as well.

So, which are the best cities for jewellery shopping in India? The answer, without a doubt, is Delhi and Mumbai. The other metros like Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Cuttack and Indore may also be good, but if you are in Mumbai or can head to one of the top diamond boutiques in that city, you barely need to look elsewhere.

Mumbai, city of dreams and diamonds!

Mumbai is among the top cities for diamond shopping simply because it is the city for all things style, glamour and fashion. It is India’s financial capital, but it is also India’s city of dreams, home to the most glamorous film industry in the world — Bollywood. Mumbai is where the actresses and fashionistas live and shop! If you are visiting the city, head to Linking Road. This street in Bandra is where you get practically everything! Head to one of the high-end diamond jewellers in Mumbai located on Linking Road, and you can choose from a range of designer diamond jewels. Pendants, necklaces, earrings, bangles and polki collections…you name it, you have it! The speciality of one of the most premium diamond jewellers in Mumbai is that you can get your diamond jewellery customised for any occasion. Have a theme in mind? You just need to consult with the experts at the store, and you will have it!

Dare to dazzle in Delhi!

Moving on to the national capital, you can head to one of the best diamond jewellers in Delhi located at GK Market’s well-known M-block. The boutique here is top-class and has for its neighbours many reputed retail brands. This is where the rich, powerful and glamorous in Delhi head to! You will not find a better place in the country than one of the diamond jewellers in Delhi for choices.

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