How to Choose Mangalsutra

A wedding day is a momentous day. No one remember the day with fonder memory than the couple, especially the bride. It is truly a day for her to shine, to look her best.

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Well, the wedding is only complete with a great Mangalsutra. This necklace, signifying the holy bond of matrimony, has to be continued to be worn by the bride, throughout her life. A set of black beads fastened and held together by means of a yellow thread or a gold chain, together with pendant, makes up a Mangalsutra. This beautiful piece of jewellery has various designs, to suit varied tastes. That is why, some women find it difficult to pick the perfect Mangalsutra.

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Below, is suggested not a plan or blueprint but a logical conclusive way of selecting a Mangalsutra that you love, for yourself.

  1. Factor in the cost:- The cost of the Mangalsutra you want should always be kept in mind. There are various designs, metals and cuts that determine the price of a Mangalsutra. Deciding upon a fixed budget, albeit even with a slight provision will allow you to shortlist Mangalsutra’s and ultimately pick one with ease.
  2. Choose the pendant size:- Choose the pendant size carefully. This will depend on your usage. If you are going to wear it every day, choose a smaller, more convenient design as opposed to a large one, which will be tough to maintain if worn on a daily basis. Going for a large, expensive design only makes sense if you are going to wear it occasionally.
  3. Choose between metal and diamonds:- Gold is a common metal used for most Mangalsutra’s, but nowadays, they are being made in a variety of other metals. You also need to take a decision as to whether you want diamonds. Those who want their jewellery to be light will prefer gold.

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