Introducing Darkleaks

The blackmarket running on the bitcoin block chain for leaking confidential secrets, hollywood movies, software exploits and so on.

by Zozan Cudi (@ZozanCudi)

Sell and buy information anonymously

Darkleaks is a decentralised blackmarket where you can sell information. It has a mechanism for trustless authentication of documents that are being sold through a novel cryptographic mechanism. The authentication is fair, provably fair. Before paying for the file, a random selection of segments are released chosen by the block chain demonstrating the file’s contents match the leaker’s claim.

Alpha 1.1 from January 2015

Unstoppable Leaks

We give the world a new scheme for selling information of any type, form or kind. This is a gift for you to stop corruption and challenge power.

  • Trade secrets
  • Government secrets
  • Proprietary source code
  • Industrial designs like medicine or defence
  • Zero day exploits
  • Stolen databases
  • Proof of tax evasion
  • Military intelligence
  • Celebrity sex pictures
  • Corruption

Developer Information

Command line tools

To get started, install python-obelisk and libbitcoin.

Python API

The python/ subdirectory contains the Python bindings.

How does it work?

When the leaker selects a document, it is broken up into segments. Each of the segments is hashed, and a Bitcoin address is generated using the hash as the secret key. From this public key, a new key is generated to encrypt the segments. The encrypted segments are released for public download with the list of Bitcoin addresses.

How Darkleaks works.

So what’s next?

Don’t be afraid. Come join the revolution and reclaim your freedom.