My experience on a foreign language

One of the reasons I’m writing this post -my very first post written in a foreign language- is due to I’ve been studying English for 3 years and I’d never decided to construct a space filled with my words in this language.

I firmly believe those who learn a foreign language construct for themselves a regufe form almost all the miseries that surround life and when I say “miseries” I take into account those moments where the word “happiness” is not the first word that comes into our minds. So, this little “attempt” to create a space in order to reveal words I’ve adopted as my own words of a foreign language, is an empty room in which I’ve never been to and always wanted to be in.

All the stuff I’m going to be posting here will be written in English trying to scape from my own language: Spanish. I apologize if there’s a misspelling. I really want to die reading and speaking the Shakespeare’s language, surrounded by books full of words that I learnt and made me happy in the process, far away from the country that once saw me being born because that country doesn’t exist anymore: Venezuela.

To have another language is to possess a second soul. -Charlemagne

… I want to feel my second soul.

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