Foto Friday: Vacation Edition

I admittedly have been slacking on my Foto Fridays. The combination of vacation + applications for my MBA reduced the time I had to share the pics I’ve been taking. I’ve got a few pictures today to hopefully make up for it.

Lambertus and I took a “Ladcation” where we traveled from Burkina Faso down to Accra. I was very excited to practice my French and (fortunately) we survived! We started the break at a very nice restaurant in Burkina that a friend recommended. It was what we described as an “oasis”
A couple pictures of the nice part of Ouagadougou from the porch of our (very nice) B&B, Le Nomade.
We hired a driver to take us from Ouaga to the border. Sometimes the sites are so overwhelming sleeping is the only recourse! Not pictured here is when the driver, Alidou (sp?) gave me the idea to yell and point “Elephant, Elephant!” when we drove through a national park. I messed up the video of Lambertus waking up so I can’t show it, but the look on his face was priceless…
We took a tour of a small village in the North of Ghana set atop some beautiful hills and rock outcrops. This is just one photo of the village. I tried to capture the animistic-type beliefs of a shrine that the villagers pray to juxtaposed with the solar panels in the distance, but I don’t think it came out as I wanted. Regardless, a cool picture.
Perhaps my favorite picture of the trip. We visited a VERY sparsely populated area in the North called Sirigu where they make pottery as a part of a cooperative of women potters called SWOPA. Pictured here is an elderly woman showing us how pottery is made in her home.
L to R: Picture of the woman’s home from the outside, Lambertus in a van (“tro-tro”) that had 21 people in it, and “last mile distribution”at a depot in Bolgatonga.
This picture of Lambertus on the left is another one of my favorite pictures. We were exploring the Small Market in Tamale. On the right, Lambertus and I make it to Accra in one piece!