Let the Record Show

I don’t want to turn my blog into a political discourse — I don’t have the knowledge/capability nor interest to do so — but I feel I need to go on public record to say I DO NOT support Trump for president. I believe this is something my grandkids could ask me about in years to come and I want to be closer to the right side of history.

In brief, I believe he’s a racist and a sexist. I believe his isolationist tendencies are short term solutions for larger, systemic issues facing the US (and the rest of the world) today and they would eventually cripple the ecosystem of entrepreneurship. I believe he baits violence. And his business savvy — what he lauds as his biggest strength — is up for debate.

I think Mark Suster does a great job supporting my observations with data.

Although I’m in favor of Hillary, I won’t support my rationale here. I don’t feel nearly as strongly in support of her as I am opposed to Trump. She certainly has her faults, but I trust her to represent the best interests of the US.

Ok, I’m off my pedestal. Thanks for reading.

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