My MEST Nest

I’ve had a few people interested in what my living situation is like, so I thought that would be a great option for Foto Friday. Thanks to Chris Y. for giving me the final push to do a post about my digs (as well as a number of other ideas as well).

Here is our house! The “White House” as it’s called (yes, we lack originality). There are three building on our plot: the Main house (straight ahead), the Apartments (behind the Main house, not pictured), and the Boys’ Quarters (you can see the garage which is attached to the Boys’ Quarters). Five people live in the Main House, four in the apartments, and two in the Boys’ Quarters. It’s called the Boys’ Quarters because house boys (guards, attendants, etc.) used to live there.
You can see the Apartments on the left as well as a nice perch on the Main House we like to lounge in.
The Boys’ Quarters! You can see the shower for the BQ (no hot water, :( ) and bathroom on the right.
My room! Yes Mom, my bed is always made. No bed of mine would be complete without throw pillows. The Main House is on the other side of my window.
Another angle.
Now some pics of the outside of our house. A little gloomier when you see high walls and electric wiring.
Here is our street heading out to the main road. You can see the shop I do my banana shopping at on the left under the electric pole.
Here is a picture of the Boys’ Quarters from the outside. I’ve been told the tractor belongs to the government. Many people would say “Hmm…why would you leave it out like that?” It makes me think, however, as long as you keep track of your machines and maintain them, do you really need to store them? Storing them may just be an unnecessary cost. This is one example of how living here has been an exercise in challenging some assumptions that I’ve lived by.
Bonus! A very special Foto dedicated to my old man on his birthday. This was taken at the Louvre about 9 years ago. He’s easily mistaken for one of the well-crafted statues that line the halls. He instilled curiosity, an adventurous spirit, and a love of travel that has stayed with me all my life. Thanks Dad and happy birthday!
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