Now Screening: Next Generation of Tech

On Wednesday, Google had a web-televised event that shared their thoughts on the next generation of technology. (You can find out more here.) I didn’t watch it, but I think the crux of this marketing event was a preview of what Google is working on.

In this picture, you can see (although not well) a handful of our entrepreneurs huddled around the television at 9pm watching Google I/O as if it were the screening of a new Hollywood (s/o to Nollywood!) release.

The reason I bring this up is to highlight a theme I’ve talked about before: in Ghana — and around the continent — the biggest stories in tech buzz the tech community. Mark Zuckerberg’s trip to Nigeria was a similar example. Maybe communal screenings happen like this all the time in the US and I’m not privy, but the point still stands that the excitement for tech is just as strong — if not stronger — in Africa. This excitement bodes well for a growing tech scene.

Google talked about what is in the next generation of tech, but not who is in it.

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