I’ve got a fever and the only prescription is (thinking about) starting a business!

All credit to SNL for this gem.

Being surrounded by the EITs everyday, it’s hard not to think about starting a business. Every ecosystem is different, but I think Ghana is particularly ripe for AgTech (pun intended) and I’ve learned that EdTech would be a great option too (pun intended…ok that was bad, I’ll admit).

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about these sectors recently and decided to post after reading Fred Wilson’s blog yesterday about his EdTech portfolio company, Quizlet.

Admittedly, I haven’t done a deep-dive of these sectors (maybe I’ll save that for a later post), but I’ve heard enough that makes me think there is plenty of work to be done. For instance, in Ghana estimates of post-harvest losses (spoilage from cassava harvest to end destination) range quite widely (you can find one reference here, but some guess they could be as high as 60%-70%. I don’t know what is an acceptable rate in the developed world, but I have a hard time thinking you can lose as much as you sell and be doing well.

As for EdTech, it’s no secret the entire world stands to benefit from innovation in education, but I’ve found it even more apparent here. Not only are many people in need of a basic elementary education, but I’ve heard from many of our entrepreneurs that even those who are college-educated don’t receive the same levels of education from their professors as their global peers.

It’s no deep insight to say tech can address these challenges, but of course the obvious question remains “how?” Something I’ll be mulling over.

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