While discussing the concept of mentor-ship, a question about difference between a teacher and a mentor comes in my mind. When I tried to find out the answer to this question I came to know that a teacher is a person who teaches the things that are present in books or just shares his life experience. But when It comes to mentor ship, a mentor is a person who not only shares his life experience with his mentee but also advises, guides and motivates him to follow a right path towards success. A teacher may be necessarily have to be more educated than his student. But even an illiterate old wise man, a fellow or as colleague with same qualification could be your mentor based on their life experience.

Mr. Zunair Hayder was my fellow and mentor at UET Taxila during my 4 years of engineering. He was my roommate and a best buddy. He was also topper of class and class representative.

I learnt selflessness and persistence from him. I always use to discuss my matters with him in order to seek some sort of guidance or sincere advice from him. It would be hard to put the things that I learnt from him into a single story but I will share a specific story about learning and practicing persistence with Mr. Hayder.

It was month of June in 2014 when I, Zunair and 4 others team members were preparing to participate in National Engineering and Robotics Contest (NERC) at NUST CEME Rawalpindi. As summer vacation started, every other member went to home for having joyful vocation. I was too planning to go home. But he insisted me to remain at university and work with him. I was not having immersive nature regarding my work. I usually try to escape from work. After a few days I saw him working really hard on project work. He had an iron will that he have to participate in the contest. I then decided to work with my full potential to assist him. He did not ask or preached me to work hard or to be persistence but he conveyed his message through his own Amal (actions). This is the thing (Amal) which I see in a person who asks me to follow him.

To talk about how humility helped me to learn let me tell you about background of Mr. Hayder. He was a simple guy from a small village having not so much charming looks and good communications. He has taken 2 years more than me to get in to UET Taxila. Truly speaking, I at first did showed much humility to him. But after spending some time with him I felt his really nice personality which brought me closer to him. I gave him true respect, even I used to call him “Ustaad G” (Dear Mentor) at times. Humility was important in order to learn more and more from him.