Practicing happiness to boost your success

Negative thoughts, emotions, depression, and other related things are part of everyone’s life. I have some negative mindset attached with me. Like whenever result my assessment is declared I see how many people have lower score than me. I don’t focus that how much I got and what were my shortcoming. Instead I feel happy if I get average or above average marks. Someone has said “Great minds discuss ideas and below average mind discuss other people”. Well, I always felt bad for my mindset. I am sharing publicly because I am determined to change it after knowing about the idea of fixed mindset and growth mindset.

I practiced meditation and random act of kindness. Meditation is just like breathing exercise to keep brain calm. Random acts of kindness give you happiness in return when you try to make other happy through your kindness. I have previously performed these two tips and reflected on these in detail so I would like to share that experience here again.

Keeping yourself calm especially in stressful situations is really a tough job. My strong believe is “in the most troublesome situation you can get the best solution only when you will keep your brain calm”. I used to meditate by some breathing exercises. After performing these exercise I felt relaxed to some extent. By extent means I cannot rely only these breathing exercise to keep myself calm. Being optimistic, I hope that the practice of these meditation on daily basis might increase its benefits.

Acts of kindness can give you way more true happiness what may a lot of money would not be able to give. These acts can bring people close to each other and can leave a long lasting impression. Nothing can leave a more positive impression on your mind than your “selfless act of kindness” for others. After doing these acts of kindness I learnt that if you want to take the advantage of happiness in term of enhanced motivation for work then your acts of kindness are key to this.