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Assuming you decide to do-it-yourself, here are some things you need to understand. And, frankly, even if you hire out the job…it will benefit you to understand these things:

Domain Names

This is how people look for and find you online…it’s your “internet address”. Names are purchased through a domain registrar for about $10.99 per year. I use Some people like GoDaddy, NameCheap, Namesilo, Epik, and Obviously, your first choice of a domain name is And one interesting fact you must know before signing up on any domain registrar’s website. Some of these domain name providers are offering .com…

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The truth is, there’s no way to provide a definitive answer to this question because each case can vary so dramatically depending on your needs. However, that doesn’t mean that the question shouldn’t be asked…and that some attempt should not be made to answer it.

First of all, be aware that there are many companies who are perfectly willing to charge you in the neighborhood of 100K for business website development. That’s not necessarily unreasonable, but it’s probably unreasonable for you if this is your first foray onto the web.

You should know that decent web designers and programmers are…

Website Development

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