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Hello Dear Reader,

I know that many of you have probably read or at some point heard about design sprints for now. It’s no longer any innovation. UX teams have been practicing this pattern for a while now.

Up to this point, been through a few design sprints myself. Some of them were applied to the real projects, some had rather educational goals, some were the workshops I conducted to involve other people in this process and gain more experience myself.

Running sprints is a good way to make sure you give your project a proper launch. This story is…

Hello Dear Reader!

At this point i assume you are either a designer or somehow involved into design as a process. Or you can just have a role within the product development team.

If you work in a team, is it enough to do your part well or can you maybe go beyond that?

In this article i want to talk about the importance of within-team awareness, the process, team roles, some of the activities throughout the product development and, of course, the communication. I want to talk about user experience expertise and your place in it.

Actually i’ve only…

Yaroslav Zubko

Design | Product Thinker

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