The Trishuli Run

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Whether it is land, water or sky, adventure seekers see adventure everywhere. Nepal offers plenty of adventure sports or activities in the forms of trekking, mountaineering and rafting. Among these adventure activities, rafting has remained at the center of the heart of youngsters from nation and beyond. It offers a unique experience in sailing the raft boat in the rivers which originate from the snow capped mountains. Flowing through the gorges and striking on massive rocks of the Himalayas and Hills, the river water produces tremendous sounds on its way while flowing. Nepal has a host of such rivers with massive possibility of making them a dream destination for rafters around the globe. Gigantic Rivers like Karnali, Bhotekoshi, Seti etc. are some illustrations where even experts thinks twice to check their fate to raft.

Rafters facing rapid in Trishuli River.

However, Trishuli river attracts both newbies and veterans to raft for fun and mild adventure. Situated at 100 km far from Kathmandu, Trishuli Rafting is considered as a day trip adventure for Kathmanduites. Accompanied by highly expert river guides who let you feel light and easier while paddling in Trishuli river. Before geting on to the boat, experts advise safety measure and tricks to get rid off the possible obstacles.

Rafting in the testing waters of the Trishuli river is as rewarding as it is thrilling. With picturesque views of the ever-present hills on either side, the three hours you spend in these waters will leave you wanting for more. The rapids are pretty straightforward most of the time of the year, but to make the most of those rapids, it’s advised to take out your boats either from March to May or September to December.

Rafting organized by Zusgo Adventures.

Sharing jokes and engaging in team games with friends and colleagues on raft boat in the middle of the journey takes you to the horizon of joyous moment and on the top of that, sailing together reminds you the value and importance of team effort and solidarity. Further, cliff jump and somersault allows you to experience the blend of extra adventure and ecstasy. A half day of rafting over trishuli river takes you to Kurintar where your rafting journey ends and awaits you for sumptuous lunch at the river beach.

On your way back to Kathmandu, the picturesque views of the green hills and hamlets dump the tiredness and exhausting traffic jams out of your mind. An extension to Pokhara or Chitwan can be also advised after your rafting adventure.

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