Is living-in now a good idea because ‘it’s 2017’? A Reply To Nadine Lustre
Anna Cosio

Lol what the hell. Are we really using statistics now as sole measurement as to what one should decide to do in their relationship? Those statistics do not show the nuances in each relationship. But if you want to talk on statistics: Recent studies have found no correlation with cohabitation before marriage and divorce. And instead it found the attribute to be with age — which makes sense as there are higher divorce rates for those who marry younger in general. But if you must know, the dropoff age was 23 years old. In which the people, in the United States, were 1 year removed from college and had more financial stability. And more maturity. With that being said, what Nadine does in her life is her business. She doesn’t have the responsibility to guide younger fans on what to do in life — that falls onto their parents and themselves as well as they get older. And as far as cohabitation before marriage: She never encouraged it, she stated a fact that it really is not a big deal and in 2017 more people are choosing to do so. And you know what? THAT IS FINE! Because with something like that, the choice falls onto the individual. You may not personally be for it, but who are you to judge others who decide to do so? She never shoved the idea down anyone’s throat like you and others happen to be doing in condemning her and even pulling up very old statistics from USA surveys. Seriously, what she said and what she and James do should not be an issue. They are adults and its their personal life so you and others do not have the right to condemn them because you’re all still stuck in the stone age.

Oh and here’s a link discussing a RECENT survey:

And with marriage in general and in anything, it always is up to the individuals or individual involved in how they handle the situation and also in how much effort they put in. Your statistics won’t go into that though, am I right?

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