Is living-in now a good idea because ‘it’s 2017’? A Reply To Nadine Lustre
Anna Cosio

My aunt and uncle moved in when they were 21, waited three years to get married, had three kids….still together today. I know many couples who lived in together before marrying. And they were fine. I know a couple who was older and lived together before being able to marry. They’re both very happy! Happier than they were with their ex-husband and ex-wife actually. Stats can determine probability and show a correlation. But they cant speak for everyone. Other factors relate to why not everyone ended up like my aunt and uncle. But again hey it’s James and Nadine’s lives and their choices to make.Young people will be having pre-marital sex and will move in together without getting married. That’s fact. It happens. It’s normal now. And for me I consider it practical. All people can do is teach them how to be responsible with these sort of things. Better the sex education, make contraceptives more accessible, and talk to them about making the commitment to move in. Cause hey it’s possible to have pre-marital sex and move in before marriage and be fine! There’s a reason chastity has been ineffective and why the stats on cohabitation before marriage. It isn’t in sex or moving in together itself, it’s on the lack of approach and preparation we have regarding such issues. We try to hide kids from topics and condemn it because we don’t want to talk about it. We think that’s the solution to the issues when it isn’t. With that being said, as outsiders we have no right to judge individual relationships and each of the involved’s readiness. My old religion teacher and his boyfriend live in together and don’t have plan on getting married yet (although I’m very happy to say the option is available because it is legalized in the States!) They don’t want children either. Their life. Their preferences. They’ve been living together since age 22 and they’re happy. We can’t say whether Nadine or James is ill-prepared. I mean I’m sure they are definitely not financially unstable. They feel they’re mature and the people around them — who are the only ones who can really give a say — have their approval, then we have no room to judge. BTW Nadine saying it’s 2017 and people do it…was only stating a fact. She doesn’t have the responsibility to educate your children. That’s on the parents. That’s on the individuals involved. She’s living her life her way and isn’t harming anyone. Let them — or really her be because I see she’s the only one taking the heat in a decision she made with James. So I think everyone needs to really hush regarding whether it’s right or wrong and recognize that there are couples who wanna take the risk and that’s fine. Oh and I’m truly done with discussing statistics because it was an irrelevant point anyways and is a poor focal point of the argument. A lot of people had successes after living in with their significant other. And the personal experiences of people around me make me open to the idea. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. If I made a mistake, I’ll go and learn. But if I really think i’m ready for that next step hell i’ll go for it. And I have my reasons to like it WITH ALSO UNDERSTANDING what can happen. But hey, if it doesn’t work and I can recognize that before we get married, at least I would then no. Anyways shoutout to Feanne and Ar Pueblos though. You guys are the only ones I’ve read on here that makes any sense. Also to the random people who liked my things here, you guys do you and let’s all continue trying to shed light on social issues and teaching people to overall be more accepting. Bigotry has no place in the future. (And yes, abstinence as a means of sex education isn’t working. And once again I just wanna say that Nadine and James also are not responsible for the teenage pregnancy rates and spread of STDS, lack of sex ed is. Not pre-marital sex or love scenes in the car). Bye all.

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